Sunday, February 29, 2004


So this window for my update has been open for the past three hours. I've been busy talking with Michelle' to even bother. I am sorry to my loyal reader(s) that the updates aren't more interesting or frequent for that matter. Hope you can forgive me.

I haven't done much today. I sat around doing nothing basically. I did bother to read the news today. Started paying attention to the whole gay marriage thing. It pretty much bothers the hell out of me. It's no one's business who marries who. It's no one's business who does what behind closed doors. It's def. not anyone's business who you fall for. Be it a man or woman. In a country where we are all supposed to take great pride in being free and be grateful for having the ability to do what we want because in other countries we would be shot for it, this sort of just kills it. We are not free, we are still being controlled. Mass media is a glorious tool the government can use to regulate what people think and how to feel about everything. You know what's an even better tool that has been around for ages?

The bible.

It countinues to be a text people are persecuted for. It is the reason for pain, misery, suffering anything else negative you can think of. It is also the reason for happiness and comfort. What kind of fucked up little stack of paper is this?

Will we ever be free from teh annoyance it causes, will we ever live in a country where we are really free? I sure as hell hope so. Maybe not for me, but for your kids. So on that note... I don't really give a shit for who you vote for. Just get Bush out of the fucking Whitehouse. That little piece of shit (sorry to insult the intelligence of shit everywhere.) supports a ban on gay marriage. He wants to make the states an "ideal" place. Fuck making it "ideal." Make it a good place to live, where everyone is happy and not just the idiots stupid enough to support him.


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