Saturday, February 07, 2004

Man... I'm such a rock star...

On this dull afternoon and on a eventless Iraqi night...

Me: So how's the Iraqi nightlife?
Josh: ha!
Josh: bitches galore!
Me: Hahaha
Josh: no really
Josh: dont worry, when i get home, ill get drunk and tell you all about it

Hehe, that's everyones favorite Private First Class Joshua Crawford.

He's still stationed over in Iraq protecting us all from evildoers and whatnot. He's doing a damn fine job of it too. I'm sure that crack about "bitches" meant something brave and awesome like "bashing some Iraqi bad guy heads." In the night, obviously.

Well, not too much else is going on, I've jsut been sitting here bored out of my mind. I'm supposed to go to Sarah's birthday thing or whatever but, I am lazy and reluctant to get in my car and drive. I will go tho, cos I said I would, and I need to quit being lazy.

You know what? It's cold!!! Not outside, no, inside the freaking house! Now warmth any sweater could supply can save me from the temperature in here. I'd tell you how cold it is but the temp on the thermostat stops at 60 degrees Farenheit!

Okay, time to go sit elsewhere. Do me a favor and tag the board.


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