Thursday, February 05, 2004

Oops, I defected.

Okay, so what. Xanga was good, but not good enough. Maybe they just had too much to offer and I didn't want. Someone remind me to cancel that charge they put on my card every month. They don't need anymore money from me. Ever. I need that money. For coke, it get's me through the day and gives me the strength I need to write this shit for you people. Also, it gives me this petite figure most can only dream about. Only problem is, all the snorting is making my nose fall off. Damned jagged little crystals of doom...

Anyway, well, everything is pretty boring lately. School esspecially. Except my doctor is conveniently there. She gives me random check ups in the hallway. But I refuse to do the whole physical thing. No turning of the head and coughing for me. Get your jollies elsewhere Min. Pervert.

Tomorrow promises to be better, how much better, I can't tell you, cos I don't really know. I get to see that dollfaced girl of mine outside the learning environment tho, so that's always super. And by super, I mean great, by great I mean man, I'm such a badass.

No, no I'm not. I have this whole shaved head scruffy faced hardcore image that one can only dream about but them BAM! Le petite fraise hangs from my wrist. But you know what? That only makes me more hardcore. How hardcore do you have to be to have a freaking cute little strawberry (uhh... I mean hardcore strawberry...) hanging from your wrist? Pretty damned hardcore.

Well, I'm done with this for now. Bye bye.

(Just fer you Min.)

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