Thursday, February 26, 2004

The sky just isn't as tasty tonight.

Hmm so I went on a break for a few days, huh? I assure you, it was time off so I could think of new witty material for this blog o' mine.


Well, not a lot has happened in the past few days, except yesterday, which was a damned fine day. It started around 9:40, when I went to pick up Sunil. We headed to Denny's where we were supposed to meet Rosie and Min for breakfast. We got there and decided we'd never get any food due to all the freaking people that were so we headed to another Denny's, then to McDonald's, then back to Denny's, then To Panera Bread, then to Taco Bell with a sidestop at Wendy's. Thanks a million Min... I hate you. You owe me a million bucks in gas money.

But it was all good, but then we had to get to school, which proved to be the most pointless thing we had ever done. We sat in the cafeteria until 2:30. 11:30 to 2:30. In the cafeteria. Doing NOTHING. We entertained ourselves with a bottle of Poweraid for an hour and a half!!! I don't appreciate being locked up with the senior class for that long! I hate most of them! I don't want to share my oxygen with them anymore than necessary! Stupid idiot bastards.

But you know what makes it somewhat better?

I didn't have to take TAKS.

Man, our class so lucked out.


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