Friday, February 06, 2004

To work, or not to work...

I figure I should be working on stuff but I'm lazy. No working for me. I've spent all class working on Ashleigh's new weblog. Good fun. No work for me. It's what Multimedia is for. I suppose I should get to work and quit slackign off but it's difficult to develop that kind of strength. I'm weak as far as it comes to getting to work. I never have to so I never do. Oh well. I'll figure this out later.

So Liz(z) just did something silly like pointing out how I am choosing to slack off (writing this post.) But it's okay, I forgive her. I can do what I want. No matter what she says. Stupid fool... She poked me. What a bitch.

Ack, well now I'm getting flicked and I think I should leave to my next class soon. So bye bye.

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