Wednesday, March 31, 2004


So I think AIM hates me now. It's being really really, in the words of Mr. Tevis, "retahhhded." It's been pissing me off. It deleted half of my fucking buddy list last night. Once again, the AOL Time Warner Corporation and I are not getting along.

Right now, my eyes are burning and it is becoming very bothersome. I think I will shoot someone for it. I'm thinking maybe it'll be you. Yeah you. Don't look around, you're the only mother fucker reading this. Me and you, we're gonna throw down. 3PM by the flag pole, be there, or, well, your mother smells.

So fucking bored. so very fucking bored.

Well, I should be coding Michelle's new site, perhaps helping make some images for it, but I don't really feel up to it. She needs to make the images, all by her lonesome. I'll do the coding.

Okay, well umm not much else to say. Bye.


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