Friday, March 12, 2004

Hot damn, yo.

Okay, so looks like I'm in my last class before Spring Break. El Capitan of the class seems to have forgotten to leave a lesson plan for us to follow in his absence. Not that I mind of course. Quite frankly, I am happy. I don't feel like having another class.

Well, in more awesome news, Josh is coming home in a month! How awesome is that? Very. We'll have to throw a badass party. One with bitches and booze (not that Iraq hasn't supplied him with enough of that) and all that good shit. All I know is that we'll both be drunk as fucking skunks. We'll all jump in the pool and hot tub. So yeah, party, party, party, party. Momma will be super excited. She'll be glad to have him back, along with the rest of us. Granted, he's not really back. But just back in the states. That's a good thing, cos he's a lot safer here. He isn't in too much danger in Iraq, but hell, the states are just safer in general. No real threat.

Wow. I have fifty minutes left in this class. That = lame. Tonight I will go pick up Michelle' and bring her home and hang around waiting for Andiphone. That is, if we don't get home around the same time. Which is a possibility. Tonight should be good. Cos if it ain't, there will be heck to pay.

I think the break is a good time to put in some decent skate time. A time to give myself fresh injuries. Maybe I can finally take out taht board for a real world run and not just mine and Andee's house runs. I will be tired, hurt and well... hurt. But most of all, I will be bored. After all is said and done, I will be bored. Way to go Spring Break? I'll be doing a lot of sleeping. A lot of sleeping.


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