Thursday, March 18, 2004

I'm not sold on anything but half a dream.

Two more years, just two more years.

So Michelle' is gone. I betrayed my every wish and dropped her off at Elkins around noon. I saw her off and drove off into the sunlight never to see her again (until I pick her up on Sunday). Oh by the way, someone remind me to pick her up around 2 on Sunday. Cos I'll forget. I swear it. I'll spend a little time with her hopefully, then I have to go see The Get Up Kids.

Maybe I'll get a tattoo earlier in the day. I don't really know, we'll see how my budget looks by Saturday. I have enough for a small one right now, but not enough for what I want. So I'll just hold out until then. Hopefully I'll be freshly inked on Sunday. Hmmm... This is one nasty little addiction.


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