Sunday, March 28, 2004

Moo, you're Shell's only friend.

Moo was born on March 27, 2004. Moo had a very troubling childhood. One of his earliest memories took place in a mall bookstore. It was a quiet Saturday afternoon when a young girl walked in and eyeballed him. He immediately knew she was up to no good as her significant other grabbed her and took her away from the table in which he and his friends were having a Gay Pride meeting. Soon, as he suspected, the girl escaped from the boy's arms and grabbed him. Moo was very frightened. She began doing odd things to him and complimenting his softness. Just hten, the girl's other half came and once Moo thought he would be saved by this attractive person, the boy allowed her to keep him. Moo was stunned and felt a sudden sense of doomed fate.

It was only the beginning.

In the car ride home, he was tortured numerous ways, he was forced into odd positions and molded into odd shapes. He felt completely alone and violated. Without a friend in the world, Moo remained strong despite being forced to watch a movie about In-Laws. He was then left alone with the girl/violator. She took him to her bedroom and she forced him to go to bed with her. Luckily, the girl was obviously tired and went straight to sleep and did nothing to him. It was here where Moo met a charming fellow by the name of Bear. Bear nad Moo formed a loving relationship based on mutual sorrow for their place in life. They have been throug ha lot and remained strong and are now quite content with where they are.

Moo The Fish now resides with Bear in a modest Sugar Land home. They have no children and are currently planning a two year hike through the outback of the Buzo Residence.


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