Sunday, March 07, 2004

My nipples can cut glass.

Yes, it is that cold in here. I need my sweater... now if only I weren't too lazy to go get it. Ooh, I know, whan... wow.. I just spelled "one" w-h-a-n... What the fuck? Well, anyway, back to my thought. One of you schmucks can go get it for me. Now run along. Go. I'll give you a shiny nickel. Eh?

So the weekend proved to be somewhat amusing. I spent a lot of time with Michelle' this weekend. You learn a lot about someone when you spend eight hours locked in a box no bigger than my desk while handling thousands of dollars. Mainly that that person has too much of a moral personality for your own good. I still wish I had taken that money... I could have gotten around to paying my second most faithful reader. You know who your are. Maybe... I could have just flown off to London and not have to deal with anyone. Well, nobody save for Michelle' but that's not dealing. It's living. Yes... I could have done that... Too bad Michelle' has this thing against taking money that isn't rightfully yours... I mean.. WTF? Hehe, no, she's right. I guess... But, I had fun at the rodeo. Michelle' is a fat kid on the inside and a wonderfully crafted thing of beauty on the outside. Weird as hell I'll tell you that much. Funny. It's cute. Hah.

Anyway, on to other news.

I just spent like twenty minutes searching for a song momma has been thinking about for the past year and a half. A year and a halfs worth of thinking, and I did it in twenty minutes. Man, I'm a G.

I think I should go to bed soon. It's getting late and I'm still cold. So I think this is goodnight. Goodnight.

"scary thing is..."


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