Sunday, March 21, 2004

Now batting...

So, today, Saturday, what a bust... sorta.

It started off really well, I woke up and drove out to my nephew's first Little League game of the season. He was so awesome, he's a fucking star. This season he's playing for the Boston Red Sox so of course I had to represent despite poppa's face full of hatred for the real team. They totally owned the Giants 23 - 8. So awesome. My nephew issued the first three outs of the game with amazing precision. He slipped up on some catches once or twice, but in his defense, his coach made him use a size 11 glove. The kid is only six, I mean, think of it this way, I use an 11 1/2. That's my recommended size. His recommended size is a fucking 9. Trust that the two size difference is a huge deal considering that an 11 is like twice the size of a 9. That makes it obviously a lot more difficult to close and open. Oh well, I guess it isn't that huge a deal, but it does mean I have to run out and buy him a new sized glove to practice with, cos coaching him using a completely different glove won't work well.

That took a few hours of my day, cos I got home from that around 4ish or something. I hung around with Bird and Shannon after that, we watched American Splendor and Matchstick Men. Both decent movies. We then ordered some Panda Garden and Shan went to go pick it up, it sucked, cos it cost me like ten bucks and I realized I had just ate. I wasn't even hungry. Impulse buys totally suck. Hell, I'm still not hungry and that was forever ago. I actually forgot that I had eaten Jack In The Box half an hour before hand. How fucked up is that? I should start taking some sort of supplements for my memory or something. Cos it's bad, real bad.

I have to pick up Michelle' around 2 tomorrow, hopefully I don't forget or something. I hope I can sleep until 2ish, cos I don't want to be awake anymore. I feel rotten now. That also means I'm cutting this here.


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