Friday, March 19, 2004

Only you would mark my words.

Well, not a lot to talk about. Not a whole lot I feel like writing about. Perhaps I should just tell you about my day last yesterday?

Okay, so I took Michelle to Elkins for the math & science thing, then I had to come back home. I was gonna go to Burger King but hten decided I didn't feel like it and wasn't very hungry so I turned back around and went home. I got home and hung around for a while until Lindsay started saying how she wished Bird would stop being busy so she could go eat. So then I recommended that we go pick up Bird from work and go to Freebirds. So we did that only we didn't have ot pick up Bird so we jsut went to Freebirds and met her there. Soon Birdh ad to take Shannon back her car. So she left and we left.

We were too bored ot go home so we ended up at the Galleria walking around and looking at clothes. Lindsay decided girls clothing is much too sheer now and she does not want to walk around like a naked girl. I agreed. We walked around until we got really tired and decided to leave. Lindsay brought me home and said she'd be back around 9 30ish which is when we both expected stupid Bird to be home. She wasn't.

So Lindsay came back and rented two movies nad picked up some popcorn, so we went upstairs and Emily called nad was talking to Lindsay (on my phone, mind you.) for like a while then I told them to get off my phone. Then Emily called the house line and they stayed on the phone through an entire movie. Then Bird came home and they were both on the phone and it was crazy. I sat and then finally we went upstairs for hte second movie. I fell asleep almost immediately only waking up periodically because I thought Michelle' texted or called, when in fact she never did.

It was cold up there, so I came down to my bed around 9ish this morning. Now, I wish I were still sleeping.


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