Tuesday, March 23, 2004

This can't be home anymore...

So after five minutes of talking to Arohi, I now have to buy Sunil a house on the east coast and three hookers.

Okay, scratch that, make it six hookers and a house on both the east and west coast. Hmm... negotiating is tough. Hey Sunil, bet you're all like, "WTF, mate?" Haha, sucker. I'llllll neeever teeelllll.

Arohi, I win either way. So take your house and your new Indian slave, I don't care. (Just kidding Sunil)

So hmm, I don't know what else to say. Except damn, The Get Up Kids show was so fucking awesome. Mia, you so totally need to go, skip work, it's worth it. I have to say, this is their best tour yet. Eventually they'll start playing big venues and you'll regret not seeing them in a small environment.

But anyway, that show was so bad ass. Recover did such an awesome job, and Rocky wasn't so bad, but I wasn't really interested. I just sat and talked to Dani and Lena, Zoe and Katie eventually got there and sat with us. We got up for Recover, but none of htem appreciated them. The whole crowd didn't. A GUK crowd is too quiet and mild for Recover. I was waiting for a decent whirlpool to start in the pit but it never did. I was bothered by that. Michelle' was supposed to come with me to the show but she couldn't cos it was her Grandma's birthday. It really sucks too, cos I wanted her to see GUK like they were meant to be seen. Oh well, maybe some other show. Time to start planning that... She'll most likely come to Warped Tour with me but, Warped Tour and me don't get along well. It's not a good show experience.

Well, that's generally all that's happened lately, so I'll post more tomorrow in Multimedia.


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