Thursday, March 18, 2004

Woe, buddy.

Yes, it's supposed to be woe.

Michelle is leaving today for the TMSCASDGHIYAGERFAUW^RVQF#^%$BQ*O or whatever.

I am calm. I am Lucky. I am okay with it. I am happy. I am super. I am bitter.

No, I'm good, really. I have a some coaching to focus on anyway. My nephew's first Little League game of the season is this Saturday. I have to wake up early and to the whole coaching thing. I have to wake up early tomorrow too. I have to take mother to work and then Michelle' to the school so she can leave me for the weekend... the bastard...

Then I will come home, and I think maybe Mel and Minal will come and watch a movie here. Not really sure. We shall see. I have a feeling tomorrow will be rather uneventful. I need to increase my cashflow. I want to go shopping. Hmm...


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