Thursday, April 29, 2004

Loss of blood.

Back to the good pale color. Or lack of...

It was a one time kind of thing, so never expect it again. Well, okay, expect it again, just not anytime soon. Minal, I apologize for inuring your eyes. Just remember, by entering this website, you give up all right you have as a human beign and you belong to me. That basically means you can't sue me. Oh, and your soul is mine. Thanks.

So I'm feeling sorta grumpy today, I've got a few minutes before class so I figured I'd listen to some Rilo and chill. Oh to chill... I don't do that often enough... haha... Hmm Stephanie is whining about the sleeping habits of her roommate, I recommended a nice whack on the head iwth a stick, she isn't biting tho. I even gave her the perfect aliby. A-l-i-b-y... Is that how you spell it? Hmm... oh well. ANyway, silly college kids, wouldn't know a good way to cause pain to someone and get away with it if it bit them in the crotch.

Well, okay, I guess I should put osme clothes on. I think I might be making the dogs uncomfortable.


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