Thursday, April 15, 2004

Oh happy day, oh happy day.

*cheesy music plays*


10th Place: MelMel
What can I say? THe plain style, weird colors throw me around, as far as content is concerned, I'm enver in it, I have a problem with that.

9th Place: Rosie
Hey wow, Rosie, you actually placed. Good job. Sure, Rosie has lame taste in layouts, but hey, I've got to give it to her, the kid tries. Her stuff is usually interesting and retarded, makes for a good read.

8th Place: Sarah
Sarah, your lack of posting makes me give you this, you have a beautiful layout which was master colded, but come on, you gotta post if you wanna be in top spot.

7th Place: Brad:
This is only temporary, Brad has a tendency to make nice posts all the itme, he does it regularly and he makes them rather interesting. He has a lame layout, but it's what you get for having blogdrive.

6th Place: Flip:
He's my boy, what can I say? He's gotta place.

5th Place: Maerilly
Very nice layout for a Xanga, difficult to read at times but the TagBoard is fun sometimes. I can never get passed loving Maerilly. It's impossible. I try so freaking hard but that pop up always makes me click okay.

4th Place: Regan
What can I say? The boy always keeps us posted sober or not. Now that's dedication. The dog is cute too.

3rd Place: Joseph
Always keep up with this one, very amusing. Best damned TagBoard ever.

2nd Place: Azam
Don't know Azam much at all, don't talk to Azam at all, but very amusing blog, but, sometimes confusing and tooo much to read.

1st Place: Joy
Man, I created it, it is awesome. My little sis earned it. She always updates and constantly nags me to update. She's a big reason my blog is constantly updated, hell she's the reason I made the Blogards. Happy kid with plenty to post. Perfect balance of happiness and bitter teenage angst I've ever seen online. Keep it up kid.

Hope you liked the Blogards if not, well, fuck off , idon't care, my decisions are final, bitch all you want on the TagBoard. that's what it's there for.


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