Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Yo, check it.

So today was exhausting.

I had to wake up at freaking 7 in the morning and shower and get dressed and get my hair cut and all sorts of crap in order to meet with Micheal Fjetland.

I got done with that stuff around 2 30 and I came home and sat around for a while, like an hour, then I went to meet Joy and pick up some wings from Wings n Things. I took that and Joy to Sarah's house where I ate and we played around with Sarah's little sisters. This was pretty much the end result:

Yeah, a couple of looney Asian kids, killing me on a trampoline. Crazy. The little one fell and started to cry eventually. That's when trampoline time was over. Eventually I had to take Joy back to her car cos her mother wanted her to go home and practice her violin. Sucker, no one ever makes me practice my violin (and it shows). Oh well. Hmm okay, time to go now.

Joy, Blogards coming soon, promise.


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