Monday, May 10, 2004

Come and knock on my door...

I won't be waiting for you. Bitch.

So yeah, Tag-Board fixed the whole server issue... to an extent... The data from teh original boards are gone but the old archived data was availiable. Which is what we got back. Oh well. Better than the big "Temporary Error" we had before. Oh well, just start posting, or I'll kill the whole lot of you.

So yeah, I'm in Multimedia right now. I wish I were at home. I'm happier when I'm not at school. I think I should just quit. I could drop out and be a professional bum! Sounds like a plan, aye?

So yeah, websites, I'm thinking of advertising for other sites on here, not for money or anything, but just cos. Maybe I can put some banners at the bottom of the page of which sites float my boat at the current moment? What do you think? It's a matter of will you visit them or am I just making my site uglier for no reason? Well, either way, leave your opinion on my board, but as for now, go visit "Dancer's Blog" on the pulldown menu, that kid needs some mad help.

Anyway, so I've been thinking about the summer (random: anyone notice that i jsut started every single paragraph with "so yeah?") and what I was thinking is if it will be the same at all. Will it still be fun? I don't really know the answers to those questions, but I wouldn't mind knowing. I just hope it doesn't totally suck. We all better be here tho. I say we start baseball teams and junk, that would rock. I call Brad! I call Andee as well. Suckers. Okay, well back to not working. Bye bye.


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