Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Dear diary...

I got my first period!

Is what many girls are saying at age 8. Thats some crazy stuff. Andee was reading a new Time article on the more common occurances of small girls maturing very early, as early as 7.

Your breasts should not be growing at that age, you should not be having your period, you should not be doing anything but playing with computers. (or for the lesser children... Barbies.) It's insane. It's worse enough that pop culture is making children grow up way too fast mentally which is causing a continuing problem in today's already hectic society. These kids are wearing the most horrible clothing to their 6th grade classes and behaving like they're already at the mature age of 27. What happens if they begin developing breasts and maturing way too early? They not only have the mental belief that they are mature, but when they physically mature what is holding them back? It's a huge problem in my eyes but I mean what are we to do, pump them full of drugs (like we already are) and stop it until the "proper" age? Maybe it's evolution telling us women are gonna take over. They're advancing quicker than guys. First they're maturing quicker, then they're making babies together, what the hell is going on?

I'm scared. Scared for all guys. Quite frankly, we don't stand a fucking chance. I mean, I'm all for resistance, but I'm not up for killing off all women. I kind of like em. They smell nice, and they put the seat down, and they're pretty, and they do things I don't want other guys doing with me... like cuddling... So yeah, no killing off the ladies, but ladies, please don't kill us off. :-(

But anyway, in other news, I broke my leg, my arm and got my jaw wired shut. Been a good week.

Just kidding.


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