Monday, May 31, 2004

Giving in is hard.

So everyone else found it appropriate to make a graduation post. I suppose I should too. You people might want to know what I think of you or something.

So this year, what can I say about it? It was boring, it totally sucked ass. Absolutely the most lame time I have ever had. Oh well... on to what matters. The individuals that have impacted my life.

Where to start...

Michelle' - I think you have had the greatest impact on my senior year. We've been through a lot and I wouldn't take any of it back. If I did, It would only be fair to take back all the smiles and happiness we have shared. I love you, kid.

Minal - My lovely Indian, I'm glad I started talking to you. You're a great girl and a great friend, I only wish we had more time together, or that we spent more of it together in general.

Rosie - Ouch, under Minal, how's it feel kid? Aww, you know I love you ya big jackass. Too mad you'll never read this. I hate you for that. Bitch.

Sunil - Where would I be without my Indians? Well, here, but I wouldn't be able to say I have Indians, now would I? You rock dude, I hate you for going to UTSA though. It's okay, we'll party anyway.

Sophomore kids - You kids are huge dorks, I love you guys, you keep me very amused at all times. Well, until I get annoyed by you. Sarah, you're a giant loser. Angela, you'll always be my favorite Amazon woman. Joy, you're a good kid, keep it up.

La Familia - Andee, Bird, Lindsay, you guys always rock, throughout the years. no matter how bitchy and pain in the assish you can be. I love you guys.

Well, it's been one fucking hell of a trip. Lots of ups and downs. I had some fun and I had some hardcore annoyances. It's okay though, it was all an experience. Somethign we all get through. I love you guys. The ones that have been there for me when I needed it, even if you didn't know you were doing something, you were. If you didn't find your name here, don't fret, you probably impacted my life in a way, be it positive or not. Ask me about it, I'll more than likely answer you honestly. To the rest of the people that I didn't mention and am not thinking of, good job, you suck, I hate you, you weren't worth my thoughts.


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