Sunday, May 09, 2004


So today... I didn't do anything. Well, I went to see Julian's game, his team won, of course, for hte tenth time without any losses. Man... that's an awesome deal. OTehr than that, today was pretty uneventful. Lindsay wasn't i nthe best of moods so I invted her over for some television and ice cream, only the ice cream part never came. We just ended up watching Chapelle Show until she fell asleep on the couch then decided to go home. Dork.

Now, I sit here typing this. Hopefuly tomorrow I get to see Mic. THat would be nice. As for now, i think I'll have a soda and take a nap. But before I go, here are some interesting statistics. You are all losers... this site gets the most hits between the hours of 12AM and 4AM. Sheesh get a life people. I also get hits from a few different cities, including Tempe, Arizona (Meeee!!); New Orleans, Louisiana (Mike); Austin, Texas (Andiphone, B-Rad and a few others). Good deal. I also had a random visitor from the UK. I wish I knew who it was. Okay. Time for bed. NIGHT!

Oh yeah, by the way, is having some hardcore server issues, so that explains my downed Tag-Board. They should have it up and running as soon as the server guys get it fixed. After that, you can continue giving your worthless opinions! :-)


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