Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Haha, so yeah, Minal and I went to REI today so I could pick up a new rock climbing harness. We looked around the harnesses for like five minutes until I picked one that I liked. We also discovered that Minal wants ice shoes. She believe it will increase her fighting ability. I dismissed it as just another way to hurt herself or others, even inanimate objects suck as parked cars, but oh well. I discovered that i also want an ice pick. I don't ever plan on going climbing, but hey, we could all use an ice pick in Houston.

We eventually left REI and drove to Houston Ski & Board, it was closed, so we walked further down the strip to %&$#!@ #&@%$. Boy, was that funny. Coke flavored? Crazy. Haha, Minal loves birthday cards. haha. After that hilarious experience, we continued to another unique place, %$&@^# %!@$#&% &%#$!%@#, funny scent, real funny scent. That place was crazy. There was garbage everywhere and people arguing, and tassels. We also wanted to go to the comic book shop, but it was closed. So then, I came home, cos I was missing dinner.

So it was a pretty uneventful day. Well, the first part anyway, the end wasn't so bad.


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