Thursday, June 24, 2004

Let's waste a post.


First best friend: Joel S.
First real memory of something: Sitting in my mom's bed watching the sun come up.
First date: ----
First break-up: ----
First job: Cleaning the windows at my father's car company.
First screen name: lucky_505
First funeral: A woman named Margaret Hall, I miss her.
First pet: Blackie, Black Lab
First piercing or tattoo: Cartilage pierced, nautical on my left hand.
First credit card: Visa from Wells Fargo
First enemy: This kid named Andy that my mother babysat.
First big trip: Million hour van ride to Mexico.


Last cigarette: A while back.
Last big ride: Austin, a few weeks back.
Last Kiss: Last night.
Last good cry: Don't remember, and I can't say it was good.
Last library book checked out: No freaking clue.
Last movie seen: The Terminal. So damned cute.
Last beverage: Dr. Pepper sitting next to me.
Last food consumed: Homemade pizza.
Last crush: Girl named Michelle'.
Last phone call: Michelle' like an hour ago.
Last time showered: This morning.
Last shoes worn: Black and gray Rowley XLT belonging to Emily.
Last CD played: Halifax compilation.
Last item bought: Pocky in chocolate and strawberry.
Last annoyance: Mom blaming me for aggitating the dog.
Last disappointment: If I could only count them...
Last soda drank: Dr. Pepper
Last time wanting to die: Not sure.
Last shirt worn: Gray University of Texas tshirt.
Last website visited:

I am: cynical
I think: a lot
I know: more than you
I want: the world
I keep: to myself
I wish: I had a time machine
I miss: things being easy
I fear: nothing
I hear: everything
I wonder: about everything
I search: for myself
I love: when things are great
I always: lie
I understand: too much
I dance: slowly
I guess: when I am bothered
I consider: the obvious
I fight: until I win
I wait: for you
I have: myself
I live: for no one
I believe: that someday I will be wrong
I can't: stop
I need: a hand
I die: to see why I should live
I am certain: that all is uncertain.
I feel: sleepy

Hmm... that is all.


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