Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Holy shit.
Yes, very holy.  Anyway.  So how are you kids doing?  Realy?  How interesting.  So yeah I thought I would post because i have nothing better to do.  I've been running around all day so I'm pretty tired.  I picked up Andee from school, went to the Honda dealership, went to the Galleria, and I am tired as hell now.
Oh no, school starts soon.  I don't wanna go.  I hate college.  It is dumb.  Dumb like a fox.  A stupid fox.
Hopefully something fun happens before hte summer's end.  Maybe another party should be thrown.  Aditi, if you're reading this... you get none of my stash.  Karen, if you read this, you neither.
Okay, well I'll post again soon.  I think I'm gonna go get some ice cream.

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