Thursday, August 05, 2004

More, you say?

I'll give you more. Not too much though, you know how it spoils your appetite.

So today was a pretty tiring day. I had to wake up and sit, then I had to drive Andee to the Police Station, which was good, because if I hadn't, I would have never got moving. I then had to make a pick up of some much needed things for my car such as windshield wipers and rear window wiper as well as a replacement bulb for my passenger headlight. It went out two nights ago and I was bothered by it. I felt like such a jerk driving around blinding everyone with my brights on.

You know what redeems this entire exhausting day? GG (my truck) is totally clean! Inside and out. Much thanks goes out to Michelle'. It was pretty much all her nagging that made that magic happen. Atleast she vacuumed most of the inside. Less work for me. I also applied Rain-X to my windshield and windows, I am readily awaiting the rain now just so I can see how awesome it is. GG got the star treatment today, she better repay me by not allowing her battery to die again. Sure, I leave the lights on all day sometimes, but hey, she doesn't do the beeping thing anymore, it's her fault. Well, okay, time for me to go.


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