Tuesday, August 10, 2004

This is wrong.

You know what i just noticed? I've been to only one show this entire freaking summer. ONE. There's something really fucked up with that. That little "important dates" panel on the lower right hand side of your screen shows all the shows I want to make it out to but never do. It's either because I have no show mates to go with, time does not allow it, or I have other more important things to do. Yes, I know what could possibly be more important than going to shows? The fuck if I know. I jsut never get around to going. It sucks. Atleast I can safely say the show I went to was freaking amazing. The Get Up Kids will always be freaking fantastic. I wish Michelle' could've went. As well as Sunil. Speaking of which...

Where the fuck is my Indian?

He's not back from India yet and that pisses me off. Worse enough we had to abort our school plans, now he ditches me for India. The rat bastard. I'll stab him next time I see him.

Oh me, oh my. So what's been up... not a whole lot. Just sitting around waiting for the impending doom that is school to creep up and punch me in the back of the head. I am so not prepared for this. No sir. That doens't matter though. I just have to dive in. And if I die, I blame this on you.

Okay, i'm going to wrap this up and go play some GT3. bye bye.


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