Monday, March 24, 2008

Prepare for Glory!

I know the room/shop is a mess.

If I didn't prepare the night before a ride (around 1AM) then I would probably never actually make it before start. That would be bad considering that I never study the maps and I would be very lost within the first thirty seconds of the route. I need the mass start in order to follow the other cyclists and pace them.

By pace I mean draft behind some of them and then when I get bored, sprint ahead of them by surprise while blurting out, "on your left!" Sometimes this backfires because I look back five seconds later and they're on my ass for the next ten miles until they shout, "on your left!" Then I get stuck feasting on dust because I wasted all my energy on that last sprint I just had to make in order to overtake the chubby guy on the 20 year-old Giant.


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