Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pack Your Bags

The entire drive in to work was a shared car with my mother that contained one of the most epic battles of all time.

The subject: illegal immigration.

We debated and debated on the topic on absolutely opposite sides of the spectrum. It was ugly and in the end, she quit the debate (as we pulled into the parking lot) and decided that I was hopeless.

I won, by the way.

I got to work, grabbed some coffee with Judi and told her all about it. At the end of our morning water cooler talk, we both at the same exact time mention fences. The only difference was that she said, "electric fences." To which I responded, "Jurassic Park electric fences!"

She instantly defeated me with, "Yeah, but remember Jurassic Park? It only took one guy that was getting paid to turn off the power to the fences. Money talks."

It's moments like that where you come back to reality and remember that our country really is that screwy.

Shit. We're all screwed.

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