Monday, April 21, 2008


I woke up today thirty-five minutes before my alarm. I don't believe it was because I was so rested that my body decided it was time to open my eyes. I don't think five hours of sleep has ever allowed for that.

I woke up a little after she said, "Sushi. I read that sign last night." It wasn't exactly monumental news but it did clarify something important to me. It helped in realizing that there was nothing to talk about anymore. Hours of dialogue has now dwindled into brief pointless chatter.

It went from talking about how I had meant to call but had forgotten to where I'm going for my vacation to sushi signs that brightly flashed in the night. Between the filler there was no comfort. There weren't even any smiles. It was that discomfort you find when you run into someone you never expected to see again and weren't bothered by it.

Honestly, it was the most comforting discomfort you could ever wake up to.

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