Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Restart from last save point.

I started writing in this blog for the second or third time more than a year go. This is the third or fourth attempt at trying again.

I don't know what it is that makes it so difficult to want to keep up with what I write. I get a feeling that certain events in our lives however insignificant lead us to believe there's no good news to present. No one wants to read about the sad story anyone presents themselves as no matter how true it is. That might be why I stray from these and other writing mediums. I can't always bring myself to put things in print or pixels because it just makes them that much more... true.

Anyway, this is me trying again. This is me giving it another go.

My life in the last year in a quick easy to read jumble of letters: i got depressed i lost friends i gained friends i lost more friends i gained more friends i rode my bikes i rode more bikes i bought more bikes i hurt myself one way or the other i did stupid things i said stupid things i made smart decisions i made terrible decisions i had adventures i had disappointments i made mistakes i fixed mistakes i got drunk i stayed drunk i slept i ate i felt better i got anxiety attacks i got valium i got in trouble i work i work too much i had to be without a car i suckered a girl into being my girlfriend i fell in love i felt right i felt low i felt alive i made more mistakes i made more friends i made a lot of friends i lost friends i took photos i rode my bikes i rode my bikes again i love a lot of things i felt fine i felt unacomplished i felt like i am what i am and i will likely never know how to be anyone else because who i am is just fine by me...

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