Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sometimes we do breakfast right.

"Aunt Jemima, meet Jack, he's always hungry. Jack, meet Aunt Jemima, she's the sister of someone with children."

It's not that we never have time to make breakfast.

More often than not, we just find the bed to be far too comfortable. Let's all be honest here... comfort is bad for productivity.

Today is one of the few days where neither Cyré or I have anything we really need to do urgently. It was a great day to sleep in and a great day for me to say, with great fervor, "I'm making pancakes and I'm using the Bisquick bottle, damn it."

The back story to that being that a former roommate left behind a pancake mix that smelled a lot like cornbread and tasted a lot like shit. This didn't agree with my tastebuds the last time we prepared it so i felt the need to take a stand for good pancakes. (Even though we through out the cornshitbread.)

I'm sort of disappointed though... I had forgotten about the Nutella sitting in front of me and devoured the deliciousness before it ever had a chance.

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