Monday, May 31, 2004

Giving in is hard.

So everyone else found it appropriate to make a graduation post. I suppose I should too. You people might want to know what I think of you or something.

So this year, what can I say about it? It was boring, it totally sucked ass. Absolutely the most lame time I have ever had. Oh well... on to what matters. The individuals that have impacted my life.

Where to start...

Michelle' - I think you have had the greatest impact on my senior year. We've been through a lot and I wouldn't take any of it back. If I did, It would only be fair to take back all the smiles and happiness we have shared. I love you, kid.

Minal - My lovely Indian, I'm glad I started talking to you. You're a great girl and a great friend, I only wish we had more time together, or that we spent more of it together in general.

Rosie - Ouch, under Minal, how's it feel kid? Aww, you know I love you ya big jackass. Too mad you'll never read this. I hate you for that. Bitch.

Sunil - Where would I be without my Indians? Well, here, but I wouldn't be able to say I have Indians, now would I? You rock dude, I hate you for going to UTSA though. It's okay, we'll party anyway.

Sophomore kids - You kids are huge dorks, I love you guys, you keep me very amused at all times. Well, until I get annoyed by you. Sarah, you're a giant loser. Angela, you'll always be my favorite Amazon woman. Joy, you're a good kid, keep it up.

La Familia - Andee, Bird, Lindsay, you guys always rock, throughout the years. no matter how bitchy and pain in the assish you can be. I love you guys.

Well, it's been one fucking hell of a trip. Lots of ups and downs. I had some fun and I had some hardcore annoyances. It's okay though, it was all an experience. Somethign we all get through. I love you guys. The ones that have been there for me when I needed it, even if you didn't know you were doing something, you were. If you didn't find your name here, don't fret, you probably impacted my life in a way, be it positive or not. Ask me about it, I'll more than likely answer you honestly. To the rest of the people that I didn't mention and am not thinking of, good job, you suck, I hate you, you weren't worth my thoughts.


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This is strong.

Well, a lot has happened since I last posted. One of them just so happened to be that I graduated. Crazy, huh? Yeah, I think so. It feels like just yesterday I was in kindergarten. Kindergarten rocked. It rocked hard. On the darker side of things...

(Forgive if this is confusing and jumbled, I write my thoughts down as they flow out, they don't often make sense at that point.)

Turns out, it was a very bitter sweet day. A boy of only seventeen passed away that day. I didn't know him well, I never bothered. Do I feel sorry for that? No, I don't. Do I feel sorry for everyone else's loss? Of course I do. It is unfair and miserable. Leonard, I hardly knew you, it will stay that way. Good luck with where you are now. I hope things are nicer there. I hope you don't find the same bit of chaos we all have here on earth. I'll always remember you as the drunk kid that came up to Bird and I with your happy hello's, exclaming our names loudly as you did... then when you turned away and moved on, our faces covered with the look of confusion as to who the hell you were and why you knew our names. It wasn't a detrimental thought, it was simply an amused silly thought of the guy I would see throughout the school year and laugh to myself. Not one hell of a memory, but it will do. Goodnight Mr. Cruz. You weren't here long, but you were here long enough to make an impact. Goodnight Mr. Cruz. Hope you had a hell of a time while you were here, and I hope you have a hell of a time now that you're gone.


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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Lucky-the mildew on my socks

Since Lucky has been struck with a serious case of laziness, this is his sister Joy filling in for him. Now I'll bored everyone with my day. Sit back and relax.

My brother's bearded dragon ate two cockroaches. They were crunchy like tacos. Simply fasicinating. Tomorrow is the last day of school. Yippee. I want ice cream. Azam has a big nose. Niran is coming back soon! I miss Mia. I still have an exam to study for so goodbye readers.

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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Yeah, so you know...

It is the aftermath of last night's party. Well, not so much party as sleep fest for me. I was tired. I think I was asleep by 11 or something. Everybody else was still awake around 8AM. Cray bastards. Oh well, atleast they got donuts. SO it feels like the start of summer, only not really, cos it's their summer, not mine yet. Stupid college kids. I haaate you all.

Okay well I'm too lazy to keep typing, so bye bye.


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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

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Sunday, May 16, 2004


Okay, so hope you kids enjoyed the AudioPost.

I liked it... kinda.

Well, so the pictures are all uploaded and pretty. Take a gander at them through the "pictures" link above this box. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.


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Monday, May 10, 2004

Come and knock on my door...

I won't be waiting for you. Bitch.

So yeah, Tag-Board fixed the whole server issue... to an extent... The data from teh original boards are gone but the old archived data was availiable. Which is what we got back. Oh well. Better than the big "Temporary Error" we had before. Oh well, just start posting, or I'll kill the whole lot of you.

So yeah, I'm in Multimedia right now. I wish I were at home. I'm happier when I'm not at school. I think I should just quit. I could drop out and be a professional bum! Sounds like a plan, aye?

So yeah, websites, I'm thinking of advertising for other sites on here, not for money or anything, but just cos. Maybe I can put some banners at the bottom of the page of which sites float my boat at the current moment? What do you think? It's a matter of will you visit them or am I just making my site uglier for no reason? Well, either way, leave your opinion on my board, but as for now, go visit "Dancer's Blog" on the pulldown menu, that kid needs some mad help.

Anyway, so I've been thinking about the summer (random: anyone notice that i jsut started every single paragraph with "so yeah?") and what I was thinking is if it will be the same at all. Will it still be fun? I don't really know the answers to those questions, but I wouldn't mind knowing. I just hope it doesn't totally suck. We all better be here tho. I say we start baseball teams and junk, that would rock. I call Brad! I call Andee as well. Suckers. Okay, well back to not working. Bye bye.


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Sunday, May 09, 2004


So today... I didn't do anything. Well, I went to see Julian's game, his team won, of course, for hte tenth time without any losses. Man... that's an awesome deal. OTehr than that, today was pretty uneventful. Lindsay wasn't i nthe best of moods so I invted her over for some television and ice cream, only the ice cream part never came. We just ended up watching Chapelle Show until she fell asleep on the couch then decided to go home. Dork.

Now, I sit here typing this. Hopefuly tomorrow I get to see Mic. THat would be nice. As for now, i think I'll have a soda and take a nap. But before I go, here are some interesting statistics. You are all losers... this site gets the most hits between the hours of 12AM and 4AM. Sheesh get a life people. I also get hits from a few different cities, including Tempe, Arizona (Meeee!!); New Orleans, Louisiana (Mike); Austin, Texas (Andiphone, B-Rad and a few others). Good deal. I also had a random visitor from the UK. I wish I knew who it was. Okay. Time for bed. NIGHT!

Oh yeah, by the way, is having some hardcore server issues, so that explains my downed Tag-Board. They should have it up and running as soon as the server guys get it fixed. After that, you can continue giving your worthless opinions! :-)


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Thursday, May 06, 2004

I like to forget.

It's funny how the past likes to creep up and pretend it matters worth a shit. It's funny how easily it is misinterpreted into something cruel and evil. It's funny how I get fucked over this bad. It's funny how someone can hate you so much for something you didn't even do, didn't intend to do, didn't want to do.

It's amazing how anger dismisses all. It's amazing how much honesty does not work. It's amazing how logic is completely ignored at times when it should lead the way. It's amazing how I can fuck shit up without even trying.

It's fucked up how mad I am. It's fucked up how bad I just want to break some heads. It's fucked up how things work out. It's fucked up how much shit crumbles when you're just barely putting it back together.

If you haven't noticed, I'm not in a very good mood. I don't really know what to do. I was completely aggravated without any type of resolve. All I could do is write out general feelings without alluding to what is really bothering me. I'm just angry. Angry with myself. Angry with someone else. I jsut wantthings to be better, to be okay. I guess it's too much to ask when emotions run high and anger wins all. Forget about what matters, it's time for an all out breakdown and dismissal of feelings. Okay. I need a cigarette.


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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Dear diary...

I got my first period!

Is what many girls are saying at age 8. Thats some crazy stuff. Andee was reading a new Time article on the more common occurances of small girls maturing very early, as early as 7.

Your breasts should not be growing at that age, you should not be having your period, you should not be doing anything but playing with computers. (or for the lesser children... Barbies.) It's insane. It's worse enough that pop culture is making children grow up way too fast mentally which is causing a continuing problem in today's already hectic society. These kids are wearing the most horrible clothing to their 6th grade classes and behaving like they're already at the mature age of 27. What happens if they begin developing breasts and maturing way too early? They not only have the mental belief that they are mature, but when they physically mature what is holding them back? It's a huge problem in my eyes but I mean what are we to do, pump them full of drugs (like we already are) and stop it until the "proper" age? Maybe it's evolution telling us women are gonna take over. They're advancing quicker than guys. First they're maturing quicker, then they're making babies together, what the hell is going on?

I'm scared. Scared for all guys. Quite frankly, we don't stand a fucking chance. I mean, I'm all for resistance, but I'm not up for killing off all women. I kind of like em. They smell nice, and they put the seat down, and they're pretty, and they do things I don't want other guys doing with me... like cuddling... So yeah, no killing off the ladies, but ladies, please don't kill us off. :-(

But anyway, in other news, I broke my leg, my arm and got my jaw wired shut. Been a good week.

Just kidding.


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Monday, May 03, 2004

Contacts suck.

Granted, I should remove them and clean them more often than I actually do... but who has time for that? I'm just too lazy. I wis htehre was some type of surgery for vision. So I would never ever have to wear contacts again. I also wish such surgery was free.

I think I'll wear my glasses morrow cos these contacts are a pain.

Okay, my eye is falling out. I'm going to bed.


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Sunday, May 02, 2004


So today was a miserable day. It started off not so great. Turns out was it was Sunday. I hate Sundays, with good reason. They suck.

My windshield was cracked today.

I hit myself with a hammer.

My back still does not like me.

My hand was cut.

Things are angry.


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